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Safe Doesnt Lock
August 31, 2017

How to open a Locked Safe-Safe Dialing Diagnostics

I Have decided to write on this topic , as it is an essential skill that unfortunately, is all too frequently skipped when diagnosing issues with safes with mechanical locksSafe dialing diagnostics involves the diagnosis and or opening of a safe with a mechanical lock.  There are many issues that can arise with  mechanical  Safe locks.often times performing these simple checks can safe HUNDREDS in locksmith fees!

The most simple problem Occurs when the dial And Dial ring shift.  This can happen when the door opens and hits the wall, or something hits the dial or safe dial ring . It causes the dial of the safe to shift to one side or another. why? because the dial ring is usually mounted to the safe door on slots, so that the dial can be aligned properly. unfortunately , it allows the dial and ring to drift.

The easiest way to open up the safe that has this kind of an issue is to simply add 1/2 digit to the combination, Attempt to dial-in as you normally would, then try subtracting A Half digit from each of the numbers on the combination of the safe. If this doesnt work, add a full number to each of the numbers on the combination of the safe, Then Subtract one full number from each Of the numbers of the combination of the safe. It is very likely that this simple process will open the safe without having to call a locksmith.

during  each attempt, it is helpful to oscillate the dial back and forth in a 10 point spread around 90

The next problem occurs when a fly is stuck..the fly is the part inside the safe that causes a wheel to rotate when an adjacent wheel moves.

to open a safe with this issue, start with the first number of the combination.add  1 to ONLY the first number, then  try combination normally. next, subtract 1 from the first number, then 2,3,4,5  up to 10

example: combo is 10-20-30     dial    9-20-30  ,11-20-30. 8-20–30  etc up to +10 or minus 10 on one number, then try it on the second, then 3rd number of the safes combination

when your safe is open, call a professional  Locksmith  if we can help with your safe issues in connecticut, we will be happy to serve you! as we are Connecticut’s preferred safe technicians! Regards,  Jim

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