AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services
AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services

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Amsec MiniMax Gun Safe
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Amsec Max1814 Gun Safe
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Amsec Max2518 Gun Safe
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Amsec Max3820 Gun Safe
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Amsec Max5524 Gun Safe
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Amsec Max6528 Gun Safe

All State Security Company | Lock Repair Moodus CT | Safe Repair Moodus CT

All State Security Company – your 24/7 locksmith Moodus CT – is the leading locksmith and safes servicing Company in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Call us to rid yourself of your miserable lock and safe issues, including lockout problems, keyless entry issues, safe combination lock problems or other door hardware problems like issues with exit devices, door closers or electric strikes.

If you are looking to upgrade your safe lock to a biometric or time delay lock, want to install a keyless access control lock which can be managed from you phone, or want to move your safe, fret not, we have the expertise and the experience to handle all these issues and more.

We are a company renowned for its professionalism and quality service. We have been in business for more than 30 years. We strive for customer satisfaction. Ask around Moodus CT and chances are that you will receive a favorable feedback about us.

We are available 24/7. In case of any emergency safes service Moodus CT, or an emergency locksmith service Moodus CT, remember that All State Security Company is just a phone call away.

Why Choose Us


    25 years of experience means that the chances are good that we’ve seen your problem before, and have the capability to deal with it .


    Our commitment to investing in new equipment assures us that we stand ready to meet your needs efficiently which helps to make our coordination.


    When you call Allstate Security Company, rest assured that you are speaking to the owner of the company.>You can rely on us being there when we say we will, and doing quality locksmith service in Connecticut.


    When you call Allstate Security Company, rest assured that you are speaking to the owner of the company.

Safe Services Moodus Connecticut

  • Locksmith Services Moodus CT
  • Safe Services Moodus CT
  • Electronic Safe Lock Service Moodus CT
  • Digital Safe Lock Service Moodus CT
  • Safe Moving Moodus CT
  • Safe Opening Moodus CT
  • Safe Combination Lock Change Moodus CT
  • Safe Installing Moodus CT

Brands We Service

  • Gardall Safes Moodus CT
  • ISM Safes Moodus CT
  • Armor Safes Moodus CT
  • Browning Gun Safes Moodus CT
  • Champion Gun Safes Moodus CT
  • Fort Knox Gun Safes Moodus CT
  • Auditlock Parts for Amsec Safes Moodus CT
  • Winchester Safes Moodus CT
  • Allied Gary Safes Moodus CT
  • NKL Safes Moodus CT
  • Treadlock Gun Safes Moodus CT
  • Winchester Gun Safes Moodus CT

We sell all types of Door Hardware including Locks, Access Control Locks, Exit Devices, Electric Strikes, Door Closers, Key Cabinets, Safes and much more.

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