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AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services

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    Fight Locksmith Scams!|Locksmith Licensing|Locksmith Bonding|Locksmith Insurance

    1What is a scam locksmith?

    Here is perhaps one of the most misunderstood phenomenons in the Locksmith Industry.

    Overview: Unscrupulous organizations setup nationwide call centers, buy web domains, and setup websites with "Bait and switch tactics" like 25 dollar service calls....when an unknowing customer takes the bait, and calls the nationwide call center, the receptionist promises the world, just to get the credit card number of the customer,or possibly promising that they will have a locksmith there to open the door in 30 minutes..It typically doesn't occur to John Q. customer to ask for the locksmith's credentials

    When the scam locksmith arrives, he states that he cant pick the lock, and that he will have to break it to gain entry....he then destroys the lock, or worse, the entire door!, and charges the customer far more than a reputable locksmith would charge. Click here to see more in this ABC Undercover Video . A reputable locksmith in many cases will be able to pick the lock without damage to the lock cylinder. Solution: always ask if a locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured. Beware of scam locksmiths! Always call a reputable locksmith company, ask to see their license, and bonding information

    So where can Jon Q. Public find a locksmith that's not a scammer? well there are directories run by organizations like ALOA The associated Locksmiths of America One of the professional organizations of which I am a member has another member who is on a one man crusade! bringing legal action against said scammers, and hitting them where it hurts!...Locksmith Charlie has also spearheaded efforts to enact legislation to fight these scammers...Read more here

    2Are you Licensed?
    Yes, All of our Locksmiths are licensed by the state of Connecticut department of consumer protection. Locksmith Licensure is renewed biennially.
    3Are you Bonded?
    We are Bonded through SAVTA:The Safe and Vault Technicians association. Click Here to see our listing! See our listing by searching for zip code: 06415 We are listed under our E-Commerce site: LocksAndSafesOnline.Com
    4Are you insured?

    Yes, We carry general Liability, and Workmans comp under The Hartford

    Business entities, National service providers and the like requesting proof of insurance are encouraged to utilize the contact form above for POI requests.
    5How Is your pricing structured? And do you charge a trip charge to come to my business or residence?
    Yes, we charge a trip charge to come to your location.This covers our travel time, and our vehicle expenses. think of a shop with all the parts, tools , and expertise that comes directly to you in a reliable, professional way. We base our trip charge roughly on the time it takes to travel to your location multiplied by our hourly rate of ninety nine dollars per hour. After 430 and Saturday Time and a half rates apply. nights and Sundays are doubletime.