AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services
AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services

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Jim McCarthy’s Allstate Security Company

Connecticut Safe Opening and Service|locksmiths in Connecticut for 30 years

For over a third of a century now, Jim McCarthy’s AllstateSecurityCompany has been a professional locksmith and safe opening service company in Colchester, Ct. In business and servicing Locks and Safes since 1985, has consistently expanded it’s core competency to include safe and vault services. It’s not just a job, It’s a passion for us!
Opening locked safes in Connecticut, Safe combination changes in Connecticut, Moving safes in Connecticut, Door replacements, door hardware supply and Installation and access control. We have been Ct safe technicians for a long time.

Have a Tidel Tacc2 Safe in ct? We have been servicing Tidel safes in Connecticut for over 27 Years! Hard to find Tidel tacc2 parts, and offer expert service on Tidel safes in Ct!

We Proudly sell Gardall safes, and offer service on Gardall safes in Ct. We also service amsec safes, and all the major brands.

Many things have changed . What has remained constant is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are an eastern ct. locksmith company servicing the areas of Colchester, Ct. to the Groton Ct area including New London, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Niantic, Norwich, Montville, Salem, Marlborough, Hebron, Lebanon and surrounding towns.

Safe Opening Service Ct

Company History

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In 1985, Jim McCarthy started a locksmith business in Colchester, Ct. Over the years, Allstate Security company has expanded it’s scope of work to include safe and vault services,Safe combination changes, moving safes,doors, door hardware and access control. We offer Tidel safes, Tidel Service, gardall safes, amsec safes, and have been a ct locksmith for over a quarter century.

Many things have changed . What has remained constant is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We service the areas of Colchester, Ct to the Groton Ct area including New London, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Niantic, Norwich, Montville, Salem,Marlborough,Hebron, Lebanon and surrounding towns. What should I consider when selecting a safe service provider?
When selecting a safe service provider, you might ask how long the company has been in business. Allstate security company has been in business since 1985 and has been engaged in the business of selling,and servicing safes for that entire period.

More Information About our Company

What professional organizations is the company affiliated with?
Allstate security is a member of the safe and vault technicians association, as well as clearstar security network,national safeman’s organization, as well as boxman.

Are the technicians bonded and insured?
Allstate security company is bonded through savta, and insured through the hartford insurance group.

Do they own a drill rig?
A drill rig is a fixture designed to hold a drill while boring a hole. Using a drill rig is debateably the only way to drill a hole in a safe because not using one can cause unintended damage to internal components. This can result in unnecessary replacement of expensive parts. We own and use the full arsenal of Strongarm drill rigs-the best in the business.

Manipulation of a safe lock is opening by only sight sound and feel. You might consider asking the tech if he can manipulate a safe. If the tech says “oh that’s just a waste of time- we just drill them”, consider that there are times that the preferred method of opening may be manipulating. Higher quality safes often have glass inside. Again, an unprofessional attack can result in expensive consequences.

Services we offer

Safe combination changes
Retrofitting safes with electronic,biometric,or time delay locks
Safe repairs
drilling safes for lost combinations
Safe manipulation
Safe moving

Tidel Safe Service

Allstate Security Company is an authorized Tidel service provider. We stock most parts and accessories for Tidel safes.

Common Tidel problems:
Many of the most common problems can be solved with a “reboot”. When power is interrupted (when you remove the fuse) the cradles which hold the coin tubes “realign” themselves, and the logic “Clears itself”. This is useful if a cradle is jammed, or if the unit is acting unusually. To reboot, simply remove the fuse (Located under the control panel), wait 10 seconds and re-insert. Never put unrolled coins in the safe. Use only rolled coins in the provided vend tubes. If a tube gets jammed, sometimes you can dislodge it with a screwdriver from underneath, but use extreme caution, as the cradles are made of plastic and they are very easy to break.4178