AllState Security Company Commercial Locksmith Services

Safe Service in New London CT By AllState Security Company

AllState Security Company is an experienced, honest and integral locksmith providing Safe Services in New London Ct. We have been professional locksmiths serving the Connecticut area for 30 years.

So if you need a safe service such as moving a heavy duty ISM safe, or there is a problem with your electronic safe lock in your wall safe, or you want us to install a concealed in floor safe, we are there to provide quality and trustworthy New London Ct safe  service.

We are also there if you need a preventive maintenance on your safe. Our expert safe technicians can perform a Safe Malfunction Diagnosis to check why your safe has malfunctioned. Malfunctioning safes could be due to damaged locks or an unusable safe. Our safe servicing team will not mislead you. We will give you an honest opinion.

We are proud of our association with major safe companies like Tidel, Amsec, Gardall, Liberty and Winchester who call us to provide warranty safe servicing work for their customers.

AllState Security Company Safe Servicing provides safe servicing for a wide variety of safes including:

  • Commercial Safes Servicing in New London Ct 
  • Safe Servicing of Concealed In Floor Safe in New London Ct
  • Data Media Safe Service in New London Ct
  • New London Ct Safe Service Depository Safes 
  • New London Ct Safe Service of Fire and Burglary Safes 
  • Gun and Pistol Safe Service New London Ct
  • High Security Safe Servicing New London Ct
  • Servicing of In Room Hotel Safes New London Ct
  • Safe Servicing Microwave Safes New London Ct
  • Safe Service Wall Safes New London Ct

Safe Brands We Service

allied safes new london ct safe servicesAllied Safe & Vault Co. has been providing safes for use in homes, commercial settings, hospitality industry and financial institutions since 1948. AllState Security Company safe technicians service Allied Safes.

amsec safe new london ct locksmith safe servicesAmerican Security Products (Amsec) is known for quality residential Gun Safes, Burglary and Fire Safes, Floor Safes and Wall Safes, which are residential safes used to keep valuables secure. The company’s commercial safe line consists of one and two door depository safes, smart safes, burglary and fire safes. AllState Security Company’s Locksmiths carry many parts for the Amsec brand of safes including safe wizard parts for Amsec safes, and auditlock parts for Amsec safes. New Amsec safes are available on request. We at AllState Security Company Amsec safes in New London Ct.

browning safe servicing new london ct locksmithBrowning makes a wide range of products for the ‘outdoor’ person such as firearms, outdoor clothing, shooting accessories, knives, flashlights, safes etc. The company’s Gun Safes and Pistol Vaults are known for their security and strength. Safe Servicing of Browning Safes is offered by AllState Security Companyt safe technicians.

champion safe service new london ct locksmithChampion Safe Co’s Gun Safes are known for their strong body, security features such as four way active boltworks and attractive warranty terms. Safe technicians of AllState Security Company service Champion safes in New London Ct.

fort knox safes new london ct safe servicingFort Knox Safes & Vaults makes safes made from reinforced steel, which can be easily customized according to your specification for size, layout and fire protection level. Call us to perform safe service on Fort Knox safes and vaults.

gardall safe service new london ct locksmithsGardall Safe Corporation is a leader in residential, small business and commercial grade safes. The company make quality safes with many of its safes having passed fire tests, explosion and drop requirements. Call AllState Security Company safe technician to perform safe service on Gardall safe in New London CT.

graffunder safe new london ct locksmith safe servicingGraffunder Safes and Vault Doors with their guiding philosophy of ‘quality over quantity’ makes safes for residential, commercial and weapon storage use. AllState Security Company safe service technicians are there to service your Graffunder safes.

hamilton safe servicing new london ct locksmithHamilton Safe has been manufacturing word class safes for 50 years. Their safes are ideally suited for the financial, retail, pharmaceutical and education industry along with luxury residential sector. We at AllState Security perform safe servicing on Hamilton Safes in New London Ct.

ISM Safe Service New London Ct LocksmithsISM makes specialized, high quality and strong safes ideal for use in the banking and jewelry industries. These safes can be quite formidable to service on, but we at New London Ct Locksmiths have safe opening expertise, experience in safe opening and also have the required equipment to open ISM safes. Our qualified safe technicians are there to service your ISM safe.

Liberty Safe Service New London Ct Locksmith ServicesLiberty Safe and Security Products Inc., sells safes ideally suited for residential and commercial purposes. Their safes offer wide storage, fire protection and technological security. We are proud of our association with Liberty Safe and are one of Liberty Safe’s Preferred 5 Star technicians. For safe service on Liberty safe call us.

winchester safes new london ct safe servicesWinchester Safes makes guns safes, handgun safes and small home safes ideal for storing your valuables like jewelry and important documents. To service a Winchester Safe in New London Ct call AllState Security Company.